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In English, aspiration turns B’s into P’s, D’s into T’s and G’s into K’s.

Most languages have aspirated consonants, which includes the two Historical Greek and Korean. Even though you would hardly ever assume that Ancient Greek and Korean ended up in any way relevant, being on distinctive sides of Asia, the two surprisingly have a large amount in frequent. When I was continue to in diapers, my working mom hired a nanny who, like my mother, was Korean in buy to give me early publicity to her language. My English blossomed when I commenced preschool. In kindergarten my Chinese dad introduced me to his language as a result of kid’s tv.

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Elementary university brought me French, and middle university ushered in my curiosity in Latin. Hotchkiss permit me review Chinese and Historic Greek even though continuing my Latin.

This earlier summer, I went back to my roots and labored on my childhood Korean. All told, I am studying 3 living languages – English, Chinese and Korean – and two useless kinds, Latin and Ancient Greek. I get some odd looks when persons discover out how lots of and what languages I review. I have a motive to study Korean and Chinese since they are the languages of my heritage, but how do I demonstrate Latin and Historical Greek? They’re useless languages, now only dwelling to school crests and previous philosophers. I suit as several as I could into my college plan and researched them more than split, but it seemed as if I couldn’t quit discovering languages. In English, I traced etymologies as significantly back again as any individual experienced investigated.

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I realized the concept of nasal vowels from my Navajo mate. But by means of all this, I hardly ever figured out the why factor. push to view What was it about language that drove me to it?The solution struck me in the variety of a Korean mobile cellphone.

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When I researched Korean past summer, I could not figure out why the Korean ㄷ, a gentle T, was pronounced ㅌ, a really hard T, when it was following to ㅎ (H). There was no English equal, and I couldn’t rationalize the seem alter to myself.

Annoyed, I took a crack for the working day and went out to the motion pictures with a close friend. When I borrowed her mobile cell phone to make a call and seemed at the arrangement of the Korean alphabet on the range keypad, all the things clicked. In distinction to the English keypad, the place letters are organized alphabetically, Korean maps its letters onto the keypad in accordance to how they are sounded.

Exclusively, consonants that are formed with the exact same mouth actions all map to a person selection. For case in point, if English variety keypads had this technique, M, B and P would be together mainly because they are bilabial consonants, fashioned by positioning both equally lips jointly. In this consonant group, M is the sonorant, a consonant that can be continually sounded. Mainly because Korean keypads put all identical seems together, I recognized that plosives and aspirates had been carefully joined. I speedily deduced that since ㅎ (H) was just the burst of air essential for aspiration, it would easily merge with a plosive to build the equivalent aspirate consonant. If English had a related sound alter (or, in linguist-communicate, “a corresponding morphophonemic phenomenon”, B would modify to P, D to T, and G to K in the presence of an aspirate. I experienced recognized from my very first working day of Historic Greek that it, along with Korean, was an inflected language, wherever the endings of text figure out their grammatical operate. When I famous that Korean at the time had pitch accent (wherever 1 syllable of a word has emphasis and a pitch), just as Historical Greek does, I couldn’t sit nevertheless.

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