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Actas BTT

High-precision, battery-operated timing analyser

ACTAS BTT is a battery-operated, hand-held measuring device which can determine operating times, contact synchronicity, sequence time and coil currents extremely quickly and easily. Thanks to this extensive functionality and its high measurement accuracy, ACTAS BTT can be put to a wide range of different uses when measuring the operating times of low-, medium- and high-voltage switchgear devices, relay contacts, contactors and switch disconnectors, to mention but a few applications.

  1. Determination of operating times
  2. Test for contact synchronicity
  3. Determination of CO sequence time
  4. Measurement of coil currents
  5. Compact, ergonomic design
  6. Battery operation for up to 12 hours
  7. Easy-to-read graphical display
  8. Status display for inputs and outputs
  9. Bluetooth incl. remote control function

Determination of operating times

ACTAS BTT features one output for controlling the OPEN coils and one output for controlling the CLOSE coils of a switchgear device. Both outputs can be used to control DC- and AC-operated coils. The determination of operating times can be carried out simply and reliably on up to three main contacts by triggering C, O and CO switching operations. The clear graphical display shows the corresponding operating times for all the binary inputs as the result.
Test for contact synchronicity

As well as determining the operating times, ACTAS BTT also establishes the synchronicity of the opening and closing operations of the main contacts.
When assessing a switchgear device, for example, this allows determination of the time interval between the first and last contact touch of the poles during a closing or opening operation in a three-phase grid.
Measurement of coil currents

The coil current is measured automatically during the measurement of the operating times. Both the mean and the peak value are displayed as the result, allowing assessment of the mechanical and/or electrical functioning of the release coils.
Protected inputs and outputs

The inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated and protected against overvoltage. The outputs are also protected against overload and overheating.
Real-time display

All the inputs and outputs of the device are controlled in real time and their status is shown on the display.
Check for the control voltage of the switchgear device

The integrated monitoring unit indicates whether the control voltage is applied to the CLOSE and OPEN coils of the switchgear device. Incorrect connection of the measuring device or faulty cables are also reliably detected in this way.
Compact, ergonomic design

Thanks to its compact, ergonomic design, the measuring device can be held and operated with just one hand. Acoustic signals and a graphical display which is even easy to read in direct sunlight make the device userfriendly.
Easy operation

The measuring device features dedicated keys for each test mode. The ergonomic arrangement of the keys makes for optimum handling, measurements can be carried out quickly and easily. ACTAS BTT can be operated on the device itself or with an smart phone. Test reports can be generated, saved and sent using a smart phone.
Battery operation for up to 12 hours

ACTAS BTT is supplied with power by means of integrated rechargeable batteries which provide continuous operation for up to 12 hours. The charging status of the batteries and the charging process itself are monitored with a microprocessor and an LED shows when charging is in progress. The device can be operated during charging.
Extensive range of accessories

ACTAS BTT offers an extensive range of accessories in the form of cable sets with all the necessary cables, ad-apters and clamps. The cable sets are fitted with 4 mm safety plugs for connection to the switchgear device and are delivered in a robust carrying case.

Technical data

IGBTs for controlling the release coils 

Voltage300 VAC/DC
Current20 A
Accuracy< 0.1 ms


Voltage detector
Control outputs
12…300 V AC/DC
Binary inputs 

Main contacts3
Auxiliary inputs1
Resolution0.01 ms
Accuracy0.5% of range


Coil current 

Measuring range20 A
Resolution10 mA
Accuracy0.5% of range


Connection sockets 

1 x control outputs coils
1 x binary inputs main contacts/AUX


User interfacesControl panel with graphical display,
one-handed operation, separate key
for each test mode
External power
supply unit
24 V / 0.5 A DC; 30 W max.
Integrated batteriesMicroprocessor-controlled monitoring
Battery life for up to 12 hours
Dimensions100 x 230 x 35 mm (W x H x D)
Measuring device
0.5 kg
0.9 kg
Ambient temperature-5…50°C
Relative humidity5…95%