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Breakdown Analyzer test set

Breakdown Analyzer test set BA80 is the smallest and lightest portable oil test set of its rating evaluating the condition of the transformer insulating fluids. It is a necessary device that helps you to decide whether the transformer oil has to be changed in order to extend the asset life.

Performance: The BA family from b2 electronics has the fastest switch-off time on the market available (< 5 μs) with the voltage rise from 0.5 to 10 kV/s.

Application: Suitable for mineral oils, ester fluids, both natural or synthetic, and silicone fluids for a temperature range from zero to 100°C.

Full software coverage: With the included BA ControlCenter software, individual test procedures can be programmed as well as several units can be controlled and overviewed simultaneously. Test results are available in printed form, as PDF format and as text files.

Bright color display: The extra-bright and high-contrast 2.8″ color display assures optimal readability even under tricky ambient light conditions or in bright outdoor situations.

Compliance: The BA80 device is in compliance with standard IEC 60156, its local derivations; ASTM D1816 – 04, ASTM D877 – 02, AS 1767.2.1 and GOST 6581 – 75.

Output voltage up to 80 kVrms
Switch-off time on flashover < 5 μs
Weight (kg) 22 (incl. battery)