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BK 130/36

Testing Applications

  • Ideal for testing aerial lift devices and elevated platforms
  • Capable of testing double and horseshoe liners (BK130/36)
  • Complies with latest ANSI and IEC standards (A92.2-2015 / IEC 61057)
  • Suitable for common dielectric and insulation testing requirements

BK130/36 – Design & Safety Features

Phenix Technologies offers a rugged, portable line of AC high voltage equipment for dielectric testing of aerial lift platforms and trucks. These units provide a complete testing solution in one convenient package. The standard safety features combined with advanced metering make the Phenix line of aerial lift high voltage test systems the premium choice for testing single trucks to maintaining a whole fleet. The precision metering equipped with guard circuits to eliminate stray leakage currents ensures only boom leakage is measured. Standard safety features include a zero start interlock, adjustable output overload circuit and short and long term thermal magnetic protection. The unit uses reactive compensation to reduce input power. The oil-filled high voltage section is built in a rugged, fiberglass reinforced sealed vessel which is light weight and durable for years of field use.

  • Main power circuit breaker switch (with indicator)
  • External warning circuit provision for safety devices such as flashing light
  • High Voltage ON/OFF pushbuttons with indicators
  • Emergency Off pushbutton (Locking)
  • Manual control of output voltage
  • Zero Start interlock
  • External interlock provision
  • Overload circuit adjustable from 10% to 110% of rated current
  • Output overload indicator with reset button
  • Slow and fast acting transient protection on all meters and relays
  • Digital, LCD, multi-range metering
  • Digital timer with audible alarm
  • Guard mode for accurate current measurements