EPOS CV 821 / CV 831 / CV 753

Single and three-phase voltage sources

Automatically regulated AC/DC voltage sources for single or three-phase voltages, with high power and fast settling time.

  1. For powering resistive, inductive or capacitive loads
  2. For testing components, motors and devices
  3. Wide power range and precise control response
  4. Reliable operation thanks to high-performance components
  5. Infinitely adjustable output voltage under load
  6. Integrated control panel for stand-alone operation
  7. Provides high starting currents and operating currents
  8. Short-circuit proof and protected against overload conditions
  9. High operational reliability and availability
  10. Ethernet interface for external control in test stands and for connection with ACTAS C switchgear test systems

Automatically regulated voltage sources are used in many different test environments to supply power to components, motors and devices. The sources can be used to reproduce system conditions allowing the components to be tested to their limits under realistic conditions.
EPOS CV voltage sources are designed to output single or three-phase AC/DC voltages especially for high power values. The voltage sources provide excellent quality and sophisticated, practical functions and are ideal for use in laboratory or manufacturing environments.