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PD90-2 & PDTD90-2

Partial Discharge diagnostics systems

The PD90-2 and PDTD90-2 offer both portable and built-in solutions for diagnostics of medium voltage cables, rotating machines and transformers. Diagnostics of medium and high voltage cables provides the opportunity for early detection of vulnerabilities and preventative maintenance work to be carried out before the cable fails in service.

Performance: PDTD90-2 includes integrated Tan Delta diagnostics capabilities and thus features simultaneous comprehensive PD and TD diagnostics, saving time and avoiding preconditioning of the cable, which would lead to false results.

Comprehensive diagnostics: PDTD90-2 allows measurement of cables with different lengths at constant frequency, being a prerequisite for the comparison of PD and TD results from previous measurements.

Application: Suitable for testing XLPE, PE, EPR and PILC cables up to 100 km.

PD localization: Precise localization of PD faults in cables with the accuracy 1% and resolution 0.1 pC per 0.1 m.

Complete system: In combination with the HVA90 device (not in scope of supply), PDTD90-2 creates a full-featured and full-value system for 90 kV output voltage scope.

Compliance: PD90-2 and PDTD90-2 devices are in compliance with guides like IEEE 400.2 and 400.3 and standards HD 620, CEI EN 50393, IEC 60270, IEC 60502-2 and their local derivations.

Operating voltage (sine wave) max. 90 kVpeak, 64 kVrms
– PD-2 CC
– PD-2 Filter
~ 1 nF
~ 1 nF
Velocity range (v/2) 10 – 150 m/µs
PD background level < 10 pC
Sample rate 250 MS/s
Tan Delta (resolution / accuracy) 1 x 10-5 / ± 1 x 10-4