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Configurable fault recorder and power quality analyser

SHERLOG CRX is a multi-functional measurement and analysis system for comprehensively monitoring electricity supply systems. It combines the monitoring functions of high-resolution digital fault recorders, power quality analysers, phasor measurement units, continuous data recorders and event recorders in one device.

Because of the modularly scalable device concept, SHERLOG CRX can be equipped to suit individual requirements and can easily be adapted or extended should these requirements change.
Despite its compact size, SHERLOG CRX can be equipped with up to 32 analog inputs for AC and DC measurements and up to 128 binary i犀利士
Individual devices can be networked via an Interlink interface to monitor extensive installations.

Plug & Play technology

Extensions and changes in the configuration can be realized quickly and easily thanks to Plug & Play technology. Even swapping an entire module does not involve time-consuming, expensive adjustments, as the calibration data is saved in the module.


  1. number of analog inputs: 8 to 32
  2. number of binary inputs: 0 to 128

Slots to accommodate:

  1. a second power supply unit for redundant power supply
  2. an interface module for redundant data communication and fibre-optic connection
  3. a synchronisation module for precise time synchronisation to any of the common standards