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Tangens Delta diagnostics system

Tan Delta measurement is a proven, simple and reliable test method for evaluating the dielectric condition and a degree of degradation of the HV cables. Damages on cables caused by water trees can be easily and clearly identified.
VLF test sets of the HVA series with corresponding voltage range serve as the ideal high voltage source for the TD90-MC device.

Performance: Accurate TD m犀利士
easurement for variable frequencies in the range of VLF (i.e. 0.01 to 0.1 Hz).

Application: Suitable for testing XLPE, PE, EPR and PILC cables or other electrical equipment.

Safe connection: There is no need to connect the device with the PC, a safe Bluetooth connection is available.

Clear set up: Easy handling, easy wiring, all steps clearly covered in just few steps.

Compliance: TD90-MC device is in compliance with the guide IEEE 400.2 and the standard HD 620 with its local derivations.

Operating voltage (sine wave) max. 90 kVpeak, 64 kVrms
Tan Delta (resolution / accuracy) 1 x 10-5 / ± 1 x 10-4